No Bake Date Cookies

No Bake Date Cookies

Our Sukari cooking dates are very easy to use for cooking & baking. They’re small and their texture is very soft and juicy. Today, we suggest a raw cookie recipe without added sugar. It’s very easy and quick to make. No baking, raw, dairy free and gluten free.

For 2 people / Preparation time 20 minutes


  • 200g Sukari cooking dates
  • 20g coconut powder
  • 30g hazelnut powder
  • 1 small handful raw cacao nibs
  • 1 tbsp hazelnut powder for decoration


  1. Mix the Sukari dates with the coconut and hazelnuts. You should obtain a consistent dough (if the mixture is too sticky, add a little more hazelnut powder).
  2. Take the size of a tablespoon of dough and form a ball. Flatten the ball to get a cookie and put it on a plate.
  3. Decorate the cookies with some cocoa nibs and a little hazelnut powder.

Tip: cookies are naturally soft. If you want them a bit more “crunchy”, you can leave them for 1 hour in the fridge or dry them in the oven for 1 hour at 60 °C.


Recipe & photo: Nawaï Li

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