The Dattelmann Team

Just like our assortment of dates, our Team is diverse and international. Everyone has got his or her own taste and character, and together we’re a great team.

Hazem, the Dattelmann, is originally from Syria, from where he brought his love for dates. His favorite date variety is Sukari (that’s why we have so many different types of Sukari dates). Hanna, from Germany and a fan of Safawi dates, runs the office in Berlin; without her, nothing works. In Switzerland, it’s Rodolfo from Italy who’s in charge of the office. Our four interns from France take care of the dispatch of the online orders and of the stand at the Markthalle Neun in Berlin. Lucas is a big Medjool fan, whereas Elena is fond of our Sukari organic. Léo and Romain are Mabroom and Ajwa guys, respectively.

Theresa is our Instagram manager; she develops delicious recipes with dates (check them out on our website!) and takes amazing pictures (curious? Follow us on Instagram!). Sabine is responsible for most of the texts on the website. She likes Palmyra dates so much that she can’t decide which variety is her favorite one. It used to be Segai, now it’s Anbara and Royal Deglet Nour, but that might change again soon.

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