How to offer a stranger a sweet treat 

Hi there, I’m Leo, one of the interns at your favorite date company. I’m from France, and when I came to Berlin, I didn’t know anybody here. I was super excited to come here though, and to get to know the city. In order to get to know other people, I checked a few online forums and started to chat with some people. Soon, I was invited to a vegan picnic in one of the city’s parks. It was a lovely summer evening, everyone was friendly, the food was good, and I felt very comfortable. After we finished eating, one of the people I was talking to asked me (in English, as I didn’t speak a word of German yet): “How about a date?”. For a moment I didn’t know what to say; sure, we had talked a little but still, we only just met. It seemed a bit rushed to me but then again… why not. So I said, yes, sure! Inspired by the peacefulness around me and the evening light, I started imagining a candlelight dinner, red roses on the table and soft music playing in the background, when that person handed me a plate of dates – the edible kind. A bit embarrassed and blinking a few times to get the romantic dinner out of my head I accepted and thanked my new friend. I hope it was not too obvious that I had thought of a different kind of date.  

“Would you like a date?” is something you’re very likely going to hear if you visit the Dattelmann stand in the Markthalle Neun so don’t be shy, just say yes. It’s the kind of date that’s always sweet and never disappoints. 


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