17 Different Varieties of Dates

Wait – why do these dates all look so different from each other?  

 Small, but full of nutrients and energy, and irresistibly sweet and delicious, dates are a wonderful fruit. But there’s not “the” date, but hundreds of varieties of dates. Just like apples or pears, there are many varieties which differ from each other in terms of color, shape, size, and texture.  

They are naturally different, and different date varieties can grow on the same farm. There are very dark, almost black dates (like Ajwa), as well as very bright ones (like Astaka). Some are soft and juicy, while others are firm and chewy. There are very sweet dates while other varieties are less sweet. Some dates are drier than others, but all dates dry naturally at the palm tree and are naturally preserved thanks to their high sugar contentTherefore, dates are not being artificially dried and don’t need any preservatives. Some, however, need to be stored cold, while others can be kept at room temperature. That, as well as their taste, texture, and appearance, all depends on the variety.  

And just like with apples, some date varieties are very well known while others are not. Some are commercially grown, and universally sold, such as Medjool, which are grown not only in different countries, but also on different continents. Other date varieties only grow in certain regions and are perfectly adapted to local conditions.  

In our online store, we currently have 17 different varieties of dates on offer. And, since there are so many more delicious date varieties out there, we hope to expand our offer in the future and to be able to offer you an even bigger choice of dates. Stay tuned! Or rather: Stay up to date

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