Markthalle Neun, best dates in town

In Kreuzberg, in the middle of Berlin, is the Markthalle Neun, an indoor market where you can eat, buy groceries and flowers, and meet people for a drink or a coffee. Local sellers offer fresh produce from the Berlin region as well as specialties from all over the world. There’s a bakery, a butcher, places to buy fine cheese, ice cream, wine, amazing burgers and, every Friday and Saturday, our delicious dates. At the Dattelmann date stand, you can try the different varieties of quality dates we offer and have achat with our fun interns, who will answer all your questions regarding our dates. Besides well-known varieties such as Sukari dates and Medjool dates, we offer a dozen other date varieties like Segai, Mabroom, or Barhi. You can buy dates directly at our stand or, if you don’t want to carry too many boxes with you (because, let’s be honest, those dates are too good to just take one box), you’ll get a coupon for our online shop so you can buy the dates online from home and get them delivered to your door.The Dattelmann is at the Markthalle Neun every Friday from 12 to 18 o’clock and Saturday from 10 to 16. Our stand is right behind the flower stand and easy to spot–just look for the boxes full of dates and our smiling team.

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