Chewy Date Selection

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  • Date Bundle
  • 4 different varieties a 800g
  • Origin: Saudi Arabia
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Gluten Free
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No preservative/ additives
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Palm Oil Free

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Date Chewy Selection

Our date Chewy Selection is a date bundle consisting of four date varieties that are assigned to the “Chewy” category. This means for all those who like their dates a little more firm to the bite. The package contains the following date varieties: Safawi, Ajwa, Segai and Mabroom.


For Safawi, Ajwa and Mabroom dates, please note the following:

Since these varieties belong to the “hard/solid” dates, they taste best when eaten at room temperature and not directly from the refrigerator, otherwise they are too hard.


Here is a brief overview of the date varieties included:

  • Safawi dates: Safawi dates from the Medina region have a beautiful dark brown colour. They are quite firm and have a fine taste, slightly reminiscent of coffee. Their aftertaste is not as sweet as other date varieties, which is why you can easily nibble a lot of them.
  • Ajwa dates: Ajwa dates are a special variety from the Medina region of Saudi Arabia. They have a unique, round shape and a deep red, almost black colour. Not only do their strong flavour and fine texture set them apart from other dates, they are also much drier and tougher than other varieties, yet soft and with a silky sweetness that makes them almost melt in your mouth.Ajwa dates are prized for their health-giving properties, as they contain many healthy nutrients that are also found in our other dates.
  • Segai dates: Segai are medium-sized, two-coloured dates. One end is golden and rather dry and crunchy, while the rest of the date is juicy and brown. This unexpected combination makes Segai an absolutely delicious date variety.
  • Mabroom dates: Mabroom dates are delicious, sweet, sticky and have a wonderful aroma reminiscent of caramel. Their skin is bronze-red and they have an intense, pleasant flavour. They are not dry, but noticeably firmer, rather hard, than many other varieties. We think this candy-like consistency is exactly what makes these dates special. Mabroom also contain a lot of fibre and minerals, which help to keep the body and mind healthy. Mabroom taste different from other date varieties and you will be surprised by their distinctive flavour.


How should dates be stored and what temperature do they taste best at?

Dates should always be stored in an airtight container to prevent them from drying out. We recommend storing the dates in the freezer whenever possible.


Soft dates (such as Bawalini , Astaka , Sukari Soft )

– Always store cold, if possible in the freezer.

It tastes best cold straight from the fridge or freezer, delicious and ice cold!


Semi-soft dates (such as Medjool , Anbara , Sukari Chewy )

– Up to 5 months:
Store in the refrigerator – 5-12 months: Store in the freezer

Can be eaten cold or at room temperature.


Hard / firm dates (such as Mabroom , Safawi, Ajwa )

– Up to 1 month: Can be stored at room temperature
– Up to 5 months:
Store in the refrigerator – 5-12 months: Store in the freezer

It is best to eat at room temperature, otherwise they will be too hard.


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Who is working on the farms and how are the working conditions there?

The dates are harvested by hand by experienced farm-workers. They receive fair wages and are well equipped and trained. We visit our farms regularly to oversee the working conditions.

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