Selection Sukari Dates without Kernel

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  • Sukari Chewy
  • Cored
  • fruity caramel
  • Origin: Saudi Arabia
Gluten Free
Gluten Free
No added Sugar
No added Sugar
No preservative/ additives
No preservative/ additives
Palm Oil Free
Palm Oil Free

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Sukari Chewy Dates without pit

The royal dates, as Sukari are also called, are cone-shaped and have a wrinkled skin. Their colour is a rich brown with golden yellow tones and they have a caramel-like, fruity flavour with a silky aftertaste of honey. Unlike Sukari Soft dates, Sukari Chewy dates are more firm to the bite. These delicious dates come from Al-Qasim in Saudi Arabia. They are rather soft, not too sweet and also taste excellent in salads, pastries or cooked food.




How should dates be stored and at what temperature do they taste best?

Dates should always be stored in an airtight container so that they do not dry out. We recommend always storing dates in the freezer, if possible.


Soft dates (like Bawalini, Astaka, Sukari Soft)

– Always store cold, in the freezer if possible.

Taste best cold straight from the fridge or freezer, delicious and ice cold!


Semi-soft dates (like Medjool, Anbara, Sukari Chewy).

– Up to 5 months: Store in the fridge
– 5-12 months: Store in the freezer

Can be eaten cold or at room temperature.


Hard/solid dates (such as Mabroom, Safawi, Ajwa).

– Up to 1 month: Can be stored at room temperature.
– Up to 5 months: Store in the refrigerator
– 5-12 months: Store in the freezer

Best eaten at room temperature, otherwise they are too hard.

Origin: Saudi Arabia

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Who is working on the farms and how are the working conditions there?

The dates are harvested by hand by experienced farm-workers. They receive fair wages and are well equipped and trained. We visit our farms regularly to oversee the working conditions.

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