Seaweed Salad Japanese Style Organic

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  • 3 types of seaweed
  • marinated in extra virgin olive oil and soy sauce
  • Origin: Spain
No added Sugar
No added Sugar
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No preservative/ additives
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Palm Oil Free

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Organic seaweed salad Japanese style

The seaweed salad is made of fresh seaweed from the coasts of Galicia and seasoned with a Japanese touch: three types of seaweed – sea spaghetti, wakame and kombu – mixed with extra virgin olive oil and soy sauce.

Using Japanese seaweed salad in the kitchen

Seaweed salad is not only healthy, but also versatile in the kitchen. Among other things, it is suitable for preparing canapés and starters or with boiled potatoes or beans. Seaweed salad is also great mixed with noodles and cooked vegetables or in salads. It is also delicious simply as a side dish with fish, meat and seafood.

Healthy properties of algae

Algae are very versatile and can be used as an ingredient in all kinds of dishes as well as for seasoning. In addition, algae are very healthy as they contain many different nutrients and vitamins:


  • They contain a lot of iodine. Even a small amount covers the daily requirement.
  • Among other things, algae contain protein, soluble and insoluble fibre, vitamins B1 and B2, iron, manganese, copper, vitamin B12 and omega-3 fats.
  • In smaller quantities they also contain vitamins A, C, E and K, folic acid, zinc, sodium, calcium and magnesium.
  • Algae contain antioxidants


Directions for eating algae

Algae are naturally rich in iodine. Although iodine is very important for normal thyroid function, excessive intake can lead to thyroid dysfunction. Therefore, an average daily intake of no more than 0.2 mg iodine is recommended. The iodine content varies depending on the type of algae and the preparation method. Therefore, please pay attention to the information on the package.


Contains soy, gluten (wheat) and sesame.


Seaweed* (sea spaghetti, wakame, kombu), extra virgin olive oil*, sunflower oil*, soy sauce (soy, wheat, salt, koji) sesame*, salt.

*Ingredients from controlled organic cultivation.


  • Values
    per 100 g
  • Energie
    842/204 kJ/kcal
  • Fette
  • -davon gesättigte Fettsäuren
  • Kohlenhydrate
  • -davon Zucker
  • Balaststoffe
  • Eiweiß
  • Salz

Origin: Spain

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