Quinoa Porridge – Berry & Tiger Nut organic

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600g | Quinoa Porridge | Berries | Oats | Tiger Nuts | Apricot | Dates | Raspberry | crunchy | fruity | healthy | organic | Made in Germany

No added Sugar
No added Sugar
No preservative/ additives
No preservative/ additives
Palm Oil Free
Palm Oil Free

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Quinoa Porridge – Berry & Tiger Nut organic

Porridge with fruity & sweet flavours and the crunch of quinoa, oats and tiger nuts is a perfect breakfast. Sweetened with ground dates, of course.



Made in:



Oatmeal * , quinoa flakes * 14%, apricot cubes * (apricots * 95%, separating agent: rice flour *), almond flour * 2%, apple cubes *, dried dates *, strawberry pieces freeze-dried * 1.5%, raspberry pieces freeze-dried * 0.5%
*certified organic

How to store?

dry and cool


Eggs does not contain
Peanuts does not contain
Fish does not contain
Cereals containing gluten contain
Crustaceans does not contain
Milk, Lactose does not contain
Lupin does not contain
Nuts contain
Celery does not contain
Mustard does not contain
Sesame does not contain
Soy does not contain
Sulphur Dioxide & Sulphites
(mehr als 10mg/kg oder 10 mg/l SO2)
Molluscs does not contain

Average nutritional values per 100g 

Energy 1513 kJ / 362 kcal
Fat 6,5 g
of which unsaturated fatty acids 1,1 g
Carbohydrates 58,7 g
of which sugar 8,5 g
Fibre 10,5 g
Protein 11,8 g
Salt 0,018 g


Origin: Germany

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