Dried Fruit Boxes

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  • Dried fruits at a great price
  • Packaged in personalized boxes
  • The box contains the following products:
    500 g of organic Amélie Sour dried mango
    500 g of organic coconut shavings
    500 g of pitted prunes 
    500 g of organic dwarf figs
    200 g of golden raisins 

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Dried Fruit Boxes

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Discover now our new large selection of different economical boxes and save up to 20% on the boxes. Our gift boxes are divided into recipe boxes and other boxes such as our Christmas boxes, our fruity bowls boxes or Dattelmann Trendbox. Our recipe boxes offer you a part of our recipes as a complete box. This means that with just one click you can have the main ingredients of the recipe delivered to your home.


By the way: Our bundles come in stylish, personalised Dattelmann boxes, which is why they also make great gifts. The boxes are also resealable, so you can easily add greeting cards, love cards or whatever you like.


Dattelmann’s trendy boxes – Dried Fruit Box

Do you want to snack on something sweet and still have a natural and healthy diet? Then here is our dried fruit box for you. Our sugar-free dried fruits are natural, have a fruity and sweet taste and are very versatile. Whether as a simple snack or as a side dish for cooking and baking. Strictly speaking, our famous dates also belong to the category of dried fruit. But because we offer so many different varieties of dates in our store, we have created a unique category dedicated to this sweet product. The dried fruit box contains the following products: organic dwarf figs, pitted plums, golden raisins, organic coconut chips and organic Amélie mango slices.


Here is a small overview of the different products in our dried fruit box:

1. Dried mini figs (500g)

Discover now the delicious dried golden figs from Dattelmann from Spain. They are light brown to golden brown in color, have an aromatic taste and a honeyed sweetness. These high-fiber fruits are also popular as snacks because of their mouth-friendly size and are also suitable for cooking and baking. In summer, before the new harvest arrives, figs become sweeter, but this does not affect their quality. On the contrary, saccharification is a completely natural process. During the drying of the fruit, a residual moisture remains, which gradually decreases during the storage period and escapes to the outside. Together with this water, the fructose also reaches the outer surface of the dried fruit, where it dries and appears as a white layer. This saccharification proves the naturalness and biological quality of the dried fruit.


2. Organic coconut shavings (500g)

Organic coconut shavings are not only a must for soups and African dishes, but organic coconut chips also give a real kick to every plate as vegan coconut bacon. Our coconut chips are also ideal as a snack. They are surprisingly juicy and crunchy. They are intentionally cut a little thicker to retain their intense juicy flavor. No sugar or unnecessary ingredients are added during production, so they are an all-natural product. Our coconut chips are also of organic quality, as we support sustainable agriculture, which works without pesticides that are harmful to the environment and health.


3. Golden raisins (200g)

Our golden raisins are fantastic on their own, in muesli and yoghurt, but also as an ingredient for cakes and pastries. They are particularly suitable for Christmas baking. Raisins provide energy for the day and contain many minerals and B vitamins.


4. Organic dried mango – Amelie Sour (500g)

Mango is undoubtedly one of the most popular tropical fruits. Dried, mango strips are a fruity and sweet snack that alleviates nostalgia. Mango slices can also impress with their fruity taste in yogurt, muesli or salads.

Taste of Amélie dried mango

The flesh of the Amelie mango variety is low in fibre, juicy, sweet and has a slightly acidic taste. It is also 100% organic and contains no artificial colors or preservatives.

5. Pitted prunes (500g)

The prune belongs to the Rosaceae family, more specifically to the Prunus genus. There are more than 2000 different species of plums. They are blue-purple in color and it is often difficult to separate the pulp from the stone. It’s all the better that our dried plums are pitless.

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