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  • Pieces of apricot
  • Can be used in many ways in the kitchen
  • long shelf life thanks to freeze drying
  • sweet-aromatic fruity
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Freeze-dried apricot pieces 

Our apricot pieces are made from 100% ripe, freshly frozen apricots. Thanks to particularly gentle freeze-drying, the natural fruit-typical properties such as color, smell and taste are retained. The apricot pieces are yellowish and taste sweet and aromatic. The bite-sized pieces of apricot are 2-5mm in size and are therefore perfect for mueslis or other bowls.

Freeze Dried Apricots – What’s So Special About It?

Did you know that half a handful of freeze-dried fruit counts as a serving of fresh fruit? This can be attributed to the concentration of our freeze-dried fruits. In addition, they can be kept for a long time without refrigeration, convince with their almost unchanged ingredients, their delicious taste and are completely free of additives.

How does freeze drying work?

Freeze-drying is a particularly gentle preservation process. Our fruits are frozen fresh and immediately after harvesting and then filled into a vacuum container. Due to the resulting negative pressure, the water escapes in the form of water vapor at minus temperatures. The special thing about this process is that the intense aroma, the natural color and the high content of natural ingredients – including all vitamins – remain almost unchanged. And all of this without adding any additives.

What is the best use of freeze-dried apricots for?

The pieces of the freeze-dried apricots are great as a snack, but like the freeze-dried powder, they can also be used in many ways in the kitchen. For example in mueslis , yogurts, desserts, porridges,  baked goods or in smoothies, lemonades or even teas to give the drink a fruity note.

What is one of the greatest benefits of freeze drying?

Since the water content of freeze-dried fruits is so low, they can be kept for a very long time if stored correctly. For this reason, it is important for a long shelf life to transfer the freeze-dried fruit into an airtight container as soon as possible after opening and to keep it in a cool and dark place. Since they have a long shelf life, freeze-dried fruits are also a practical alternative when the fresh products are not in season.



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Sulfur dioxide or sulphites
(more than 10mg / kg or 10 mg / l SO2)
Molluscs or mollusc products not included


  • Werte
    pro 100 g
  • Energie
    1162 kJ / 278 kcal
  • Fette
  • -davon gesättigte Fettsäuren
  • Kohlenhydrate
  • -davon Zucker
  • Ballaststoffe
  • Eiweiß
  • Salz

Herkunft: China

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  1. 18 tage vor

    Katja F. (Verifizierter Besitzer)

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    War zwar etwas fest aber in Joghurt als topping sehr lecker

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    Elke (Verifizierter Besitzer)

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    Klumpen etwas, aber lecker

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