Spirulina Bowl Box

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  • Do-it-yourself bowl boxes
  • Packaged in personalized boxes
  • The box contains the following products:
    500 g of organic cocoa nibs
    500 g of organic vanilla quinoa porridge
    500 g of organic coconut chips
    50 g freeze-dried banana powder

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Spirulina Bowl – Bowl for breakfast

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Discover our new wide range of gift boxes and save up to 20%. Our gift boxes are divided into recipe boxes, or gift boxes like our Christmas boxes, Breakfast Bowl boxes for a fruity breakfast or our classic Dattelmann Trendboxes. Our Recipe Boxes offer some of our recipes as a complete set. This means that you can have the main ingredients of the recipe delivered to your home with just one click.


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Dattelmann Healthy Vegan Breakfast Bowls

When experts are asked today what the most important meal is, they all agree: breakfast. A bowl of breakfast every day promises enough energy and good cheer to start the day in top form. The best part is that our breakfast bowls don’t take long to prepare and are very easy to make. In fact, you only need a few ingredients to prepare a nutritious breakfast. For this purpose, we have put together 10 boxes to make 10 different healthy breakfast bowls. Whether sweet, fruity, protein or gluten-free, there’s something for everyone. You can easily order our breakfast bowls and, with just one extra ingredient, make a complete breakfast at home. If you’re still looking for a suitable bowl for your vegan bowl, we recommend our coconut shells available in different designs.


Fruit powder agglomeration

Most of our powders are made from 100% natural fruit, which results in some natural clumping. Some other powders may contain anti-caking agents such as maltodextrin. We prefer to provide a 100% fruit powder. These lumps do not affect the taste or quality of the product. If necessary, the powder can be passed through a sieve or crushed with the back of a clean spoon if you wish to use it as a dry topping.
The product may differ slightly from the pictures, as it is a natural product. Therefore, color, taste and smell may vary depending on delivery and season.


How to prepare the spirulina breakfast bowl?

Below is a very simple recipe for adding spirulina to your daily smoothie bowl. You can use the fruit of your choice as a topping and add ingredients such as peanut butter, medjool dates or seeds to add flavor and nutrients. The principle is: try and enjoy! To prepare, place all ingredients in a high performance blender and puree to desired consistency. Pour into a bowl, top with your favorite ingredients and enjoy!


A quick look at the different products in our spirulina breakfast bowl:

1. Organic green spirulina powder (500g)

The organic spirulina powder is obtained from the spirulina algae. Spirulina is a species of algae. More precisely, it is a blue algae that lives in the seas of Australia, Central America and Southeast Asia. There are generally two different spirulina powders. Blue spirulina is the only natural blue dye used in food, while green spirulina powder is considered a superfood and is distinguished by its considerable protein content, high vitamin content, essential minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, and important amino acids. The algae used in our spirulina powder come from controlled organic cultivation. The intense blue-green color of the powder is due to the chlorophyll it contains. We do not add any dyes, additives or preservatives to the powder. The powder can be used for example in spirulina smoothies, fruit juices or smoothiebowls.


2. Organic shredded coconut (500g)

Shredded coconut brings a tropical vacation feel to the kitchen. Perfect for homemade coconut chocolate bars, tropical fruit salad with shredded coconut, chocolate pudding with a tropical feel, or a curry. Easy and versatile to use. Plus, anything with shredded coconut tastes like a warm vacation.


3. Organic hemp seed puree (250g)

Our hemp seed puree is made from 100% organic hemp seeds. The hemp seeds are roasted and finely ground. The hemp seed puree is free of additives (no added salt, sugar or oil) and flavors. A super tender and creamy taste experience with a slightly bitter, nutty note. Rich in omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E and protein.

  • Organic according to the European regulation on organic farming, without emulsifiers.
  • Natural: free of any additives
  • Sugar free, gluten free, vegan, non-GMO
  • Versatile use: as a spread, in smoothies or shakes, as an addition to muesli or as an ingredient for pesto and dips.



4. Organic, unroasted, hulled hemp seeds (500g)

Hemp is the oldest cultivated and trendy plant. The seeds have a fine nutty taste. Hemp seeds contain a lot of protein and are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially omega-3.

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