Delicacy box

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  • Gift box for your loved ones
  • Packaged in personalized boxes
  • The box contains the following products:
    Organic milk chocolate peanuts 200g
    Organic dark chocolate raisins 200g
    Blackcurrant with white chocolate 200g
    Almonds with chocolate and cinnamon 200g
    Chocolate Fudge Cookie Chips 200g
    Milk Chocolate Almonds 200g
    Organic marzipan balls 100g

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Delicacy gift box

Gifts – The new Dattelmann gift boxes

Discover now our new wide range of gift boxes. Our gift sets are divided into gift sets, recipe sets and promotional sets, such as our Christmas sets, the classic breakfast bowl sets for a fruity breakfast or our all-time classics: the trendy Dattelmann sets. Our recipe sets offer you a part of our recipes in a complete set. This means that you can have the main ingredients of the recipe delivered to your home with just one click.

By the way: our gift sets are presented in stylish, personalized Dattelmann boxes, making them an ideal gift. Plus, the boxes are resealable, so you can easily add greeting cards, love cards, or anything else you want.

Dattelmann’s gift boxes – Gourmet box

The new Dattelmann gift boxes are divided into three different categories, both in terms of size and price: From 25€, from 50€, and from 75€. Of course, you decide who you want to please with our beautifully packaged gift boxes. Whether you give the gift box to your best friend, your loved one or your family, who doesn’t enjoy healthy and delicious treats? The gift box contains our Sukari Soft dates, our organic chocolate peanuts and our organic date and hazelnut cream.

Here’s a quick look at the different products in our Delicacy box:

1. Organic milk chocolate peanuts 200g

Crunchy peanuts with a sweet milk chocolate coating to bring a touch of sweetness that will melt all chocolate lovers.

Our chocolate covered peanuts go perfectly with dark chocolate raisins. What better way to spend a movie night! Perfect for snacking!

2. Dark Chocolate Raisins 200g

This fruity-sweet snack makes snacking almost fun! Dark chocolate raisins are tender and a perfect combination of tart, sweet raisins and melting dark chocolate.

Perfect for board game nights or movie nights!

3. White chocolate Freeze-dried blackcurrants 200g

The marriage of the acidity of the blackcurrant with the sweetness of the white chocolate with yogurt creates an irresistible snack with fruity and sweet flavors. It will delight the taste buds of all sweet tooths. To be enjoyed alone for the greediest or to be shared with your loved ones for the most generous!

The format of our freeze-dried chocolate blackcurrants makes them an ideal snack to take to work or school for an on-the-go snack. They are also delicious to enjoy at the end of a good meal with a coffee. They are also an ideal snack to eat in front of the TV during your movie nights. Arranged in pretty jars, they make an aesthetic and greedy gift to offer to your loved ones.

4. Almonds with milk chocolate and cinnamon 200g

The crunch of almonds combined with the sweetness of milk chocolate and the spicy taste of cinnamon. The perfect combo for a delicious snack! Our chocolate-covered almonds will delight your taste buds. Enjoy them alone or with others, depending on your sweet tooth!

5. Chocolate Fudge Cookie Bits 200g

Want a snack but can’t decide between vanilla or milk chocolate cookies? Dattelmann has the solution for you! Delicious vanilla cookie chips coated with milk chocolate: a perfect snack that combines the crunch of cake with the sweetness of milk chocolate. It’s sure to melt the chocolate lover’s heart! With our chocolate cookie chips, there’s no need to choose.

6. Milk chocolate almonds 200g

The crunch of almonds combined with the sweetness of milk chocolate and powdered sugar. The perfect snack! Our chocolate-covered almonds will delight your taste buds. To be enjoyed alone or with others depending on your sweet tooth!

7. Organic marzipan balls 100g

Beautiful balls of fine marzipan with a subtle sweetness and an aromatic almond taste. Perfect for family Christmas parties. The ideal gluten-free treat for people on a gluten-free diet.


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