Happy Box

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  • Gift box for your loved ones
  • Packaged in personalized boxes
  • The box contains the following products:
    180 g of white almond puree
    500 g of pitted prunes
    1 kg of organic Medjool dates
    100 g of organic fruit tea
    200 g organic oatmeal raisin cookies
    200 g organic date and hazelnut cream

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Happiness gift box

Gifts – The new Dattelmann gift boxes

Discover now our new wide range of gift boxes. Our gift sets are divided into gift sets, recipe sets and promotional sets such as our Christmas sets, the classic breakfast bowl sets for a fruity breakfast or our all-time classics: the trendy Dattelmann sets. Our recipe sets offer you a selection of our recipes in a complete set. This means that you can have the main ingredients of the recipe delivered to your home with just one click.

By the way: Our gift sets come in stylish, personalized Dattelmann boxes, making them the perfect gift. Plus, the boxes are resealable, so you can easily add greeting cards, love cards, or anything else you want.

Dattelmann’s gift boxes – Happy Box

The new Dattelmann gift boxes are divided into three different categories, both in size and price: From 25€, from 50€, and from 75€. Of course, you decide who you want to please with our beautifully packaged gift boxes. Whether you give the gift box to your best friend, your loved one or your family, who doesn’t enjoy healthy and delicious treats? With our happiness box composed of : Organic Medjool dates, prunes, organic date and hazelnut cream, organic oatmeal and raisin cookies, organic fruit tea and our organic white almond puree to make someone happy and wish them well.

Here is a small overview of the different products in our happiness box:

1. Organic Medjool dates (1 Kg)

Medjools are very large dates. Their flesh is firmer and their skin is thin. The dates are sweet and have a note of caramel.

No pesticides or other supplements are used throughout the growing and production process. Dates are packaged and shipped fresh from the palm tree.

2. White almond puree (180g)

Our white almond puree is made of 100% sweet almonds, without any additives, which makes it a pure delight for everyone. It is distinguished by its extremely fine and mild taste, which is why it is so versatile: for refining light sauces, desserts, pastries or simply as a spread. Our white almond puree is also very popular in vegan cooking, as it is an ideal substitute for cream, just like cashews. Since we only use nuts and do not use any additives, the oil from the nuts is deposited on the surface. This is not a sign of poor quality, it is quite normal. Just stir the puree vigorously and it will become creamy again.

  • No emulsifiers
  • Natural: no additives
  • Sugar free, gluten free, vegan, non-GMO
  • Versatile use: pure as a spread, as an addition to muesli, for baking.

3. Pitted prunes (500g)

The prune belongs to the Rosaceae family, more specifically to the Prunus genus. There are more than 2000 different species of plums. They are blue-purple in color and it is often difficult to separate the pulp from the stone. It is all the better that our dried plums are stone-free.

Our dried plums are 100% natural and do not contain any colorants, additives or preservatives.

4. Organic Date and hazelnut cream with cocoa (250g)

Can’t resist dates and hazelnuts? Then our date and hazelnut chocolate cream is THE spread for you. The velvety taste of hazelnuts meets the honeyed taste of our dates. The duo is completed by our chocolate cocoa. All three ingredients are natural and 100% organic.

  • Organic according to the EU regulation on organic farming, without emulsifiers.
  • Natural: free of any additives
  • Sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO
  • Versatile use: pure as a spread, as an addition to muesli, for baking

5. Organic oatmeal raisin cookies (200g)

These gluten-free and vegan breakfast cookies are delicious all day long. They provide an energy boost with oats and raisins – enjoy them and get off to a great start!

6. Organic fruit tea blend (100g)

Fruit tea is a delicious fruity blend that the whole family can enjoy. It is suitable for all seasons and all times of the day.


Pour boiling water over one heaping teaspoon per cup and let the tea steep for 3 to 5 minutes.


apple*, hibiscus*, oranges*, rosehip*.
*from controlled organic cultivation

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