7-9 days

Cashew Nuts

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500g | 1 Kg | 22,68 Kg | Cashew | raw | unsalted | 100% natural | country of origin: Vietnam

Gluten Free
Gluten Free
No added Sugar
No added Sugar
No preservative/ additives
No preservative/ additives
Palm Oil Free
Palm Oil Free
7-9 days


Raw cashew nuts

Chashew are like pistachio no nuts, actually they are kernels. However their taste make chashew nuts one of the most unique- buttery and soft. Raw chashew nuts are without any roasting, salt or other preservatives.




Raw cashew nuts

How to store?

dry and cool



Eggs does not contain
Peanuts does not contain
Fish does not contain
Cereals containing gluten does not contain
Crustaceans does not contain
Milk, Lactose does not contain
Lupin does not contain
Nuts contain
Celery does not contain
Mustard does not contain
Sesame does not contain
Soy does not contain
Sulphur Dioxide & Sulphites
(mehr als 10mg/kg oder 10 mg/l SO2)
Molluscs does not contain

Average nutritional values per 100g 

Energy (in kj/kcal) 2554/616
Fat 48,9 g
   of which Saturates 8,8 g
Carbohydrate 20,8 g
   of which Sugars 5 g
Fibre 3,8 g
Protein 21,2 g
Salt 25 mg

Origin: Vietnam

Additional information

  • Weight
    1 kg
  • Size

    500g, 1kg, 22,68kg

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What is the difference between cashew nuts raw, cashew nuts raw organic and cashew nuts Selection?

Cashew nuts raw are cultivated using conventional fertilizers, cashew nuts raw organic are cultivated with certified organic fertilizers.

Cashew nuts Selection are our premium variety. They are grown in India and even though they are not certified organic, they are cultivated using natural methods. These cashew nuts are very crunchy and have a less floury texture compared with other cashew nuts varieties.

All our cashew nuts have not been treated with pesticides.

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