Cocoa Beans Organic

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  • Fine cocoa beans
  • perfect with dates
  • pure cocoa
  • Origin: Madagascar
Gluten Free
Gluten Free
No added Sugar
No added Sugar
No preservative/ additives
No preservative/ additives
Palm Oil Free
Palm Oil Free

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Buy organic roasted cocoa beans online.

There are several steps from the cocoa bean to chocolate, because the cocoa bean is chocolate in its most original form. Many of our articles are only available thanks to the cocoa bean, such as our organic cocoa nibs or our organic cocoa powder. Delicious, strong in flavour and versatile – raw, to refine cakes or to fill dates. A pure indulgence of the highest order! Our cocoa beans come from Madagascar and were roasted in Germany by the chocolate master. So buy our organic cocoa beans online now in the practical 500 gram advantage pack!

What do Dattelmann cocoa beans taste like?

The flavour profile of our cocoa beans is unique and very consistent, as the cocoa trees grow on their own plantation in Madagascar and are controlled throughout the entire process of sugaring and drying. The cocoa beans have a clear citrus note with a mix of red berries and praline.

What do I do with cocoa beans?

Processing cocoa beans is very easy, as there are many cocoa bean recipes! For example, you can make your own chocolate with our fine cocoa beans, bake chocolate brownies, make your own chocolate cream or simply use them to fill one of our many date varieties!

What is a cocoa bean and where do cocoa beans grow?

Of course, chocolate doesn’t grow on trees, but cocoa, the main ingredient in chocolate, does. Our noble cocoa bean is the seed of the cocoa fruit of the cacao tree and of course does not grow here, but in the tropical rainforest of Madagascar. Cocoa trees can be found not only in Africa, but also in South America, Central America, the Caribbean and South-East Asia. The cacao tree feels most comfortable in the shade of large trees and needs a lot of water and fertiliser to survive. The cacao tree bears fruit all year round, but what makes it special is that it bears cacao fruit in different states of ripeness at any time of the year. This can be recognised by the different colours of the cacao tree, which are either yellow, orange or red. The cacao fruit strongly resembles an elongated honeydew melon in appearance and usually contains up to 50 cacao beans.


Are cocoa beans healthy?

“The food of the gods”. That’s what the Aztecs in Mexico already called cocoa back then. And not only because of the heavenly taste, but also because of the health effects of the precious cocoa beans on the body.

Cocoa contains many minerals, especially magnesium, calcium and iron. We need the first two minerals to build healthy and stable bones and teeth. Iron, on the other hand, stimulates the formation of red blood cells and thus ensures that the body is supplied with enough oxygen. Those who eat cocoa beans also consume the antioxidants that protect our body from free radicals. The nutritional values of our fine cocoa beans are also impressive. In addition to the high fibre content, raw cacao beans also contain numerous unsaturated fatty acids, which ensure a balanced cholesterol level. Theobromine, which is found in the cacao bean, is the so-called caffeine of cacao. It stimulates the cardiovascular system and reduces fatigue. And you’ve probably heard that chocolate makes you happy, right? And there is indeed some truth in this. Especially because cocoa increases the serotonin level in the brain and promotes the release of endorphins – happiness hormones. Therefore, cocoa beans act like an antidepressant and promote your general well-being!



Cocoa beans

Storage advice: 

Store in a cool and dry place.


Eggs or egg products
not contain
Peanuts or peanut products
not contained
Fish or fish products
not contained
Cereals containing gluten
or cereal products
not contained
crustaceans or crustacean products
not contained
milk or milk products
including lactose
not contained
Lupins or lupin products
not contained
Nuts or nut products
Celery or celery products
not contained
Mustard or mustard products
Not contained
Sesame seeds or sesame products
Not contained
Soya or soya products
not contained
Sulphur dioxide or sulphites
(more than 10mg/kg or 10 mg/l SO2)
Molluscs or mollusc products
not contained


  • Values
    per 100 g
  • Energie
    2562/617 kJ/kcal
  • Fette
  • -davon gesättigte Fettsäuren
  • Kohlenhydrate
  • -davon Zucker
  • Eiweiß
  • Salz

Origin: Madagascar

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